Through Proper Land Management, We can turn Your Land into Heartland!
Heartland Habitat specializes in... ...Throughout North Central Illinois and
the Surrounding States!

Why should I actively manage my land?


Whether you are after a few birds, that buck of a lifetime, or a location where you and your family can explore and truly appreciate natures bounty, proper land management will help increase the diversity and amount of wildlife and game you are looking for. Through such management you truly do right by your land and will be rewarded with abundant wildlife , scenic beauty and increased property value. Aldo Leopold said it best, "If you take care of your land, your land will take care of you."

The thing about making specific habitat improvements is you inadvertently have a direct and positive effect on other wildlife and your land. Designing a property is a bit like putting a puzzle together, once all the pieces fall into place you soon realize the big picture. Proper land management will help increase the likelihood that you get the pieces together correctly and efficiently for successful habitat development.

Making habitat improvements on the land which we are so blessed with, is a great way to pass on our legacy. We lead by example and remember there are those that will follow in our footsteps. Let's make sure ours' are on the right path!

Why should I let Heartland Habitat manage my land?

Ever dreamed about how you could make improvements to your properties' habitat and put yourself in a position to see more abundant wildlife?...

... Well, We Have!!

Whether you need help getting off on the right foot or would like a "turn key" operation, Heartland Habitat can help you achieve your land stewardship goals. More often than not, inexperienced attempts at land management are at best, a trial and error experiment. Trial and error is extremely time consuming and expensive. Because you may not have the time, and you certainly don't want to waste money on these lessons, Heartland Habitat offers you our expertise so that you find success from the start.

Chances are, you have a treasure right under your nose, a diamond in the rough of sorts. Here at Heartland Habitat, it is our passion to chisel, shape and polish this treasure so that it may be deservingly appreciated!

From your very first meeting with us and after we listen to YOUR desires and goals for your property, we will begin the process of maximizing the ecological density of your land. Because every property is unique and deserves a customized approach to achieve its full potential , we will immediately begin to gather the necessary info and quickly start developing an appropriate and efficient ecological plan for your land. Mother Nature tells us what she will allow to happen in any given area. We will pay close attention to what she has to say and implement the best practices for the situation.

In a short while, you'll be witness to the transformation and speedy recovery of your property's habitat. And for the efforts made, you'll be rewarded with a bounty of mother nature at her finest.

Not only does Heartland Habitat possess the expertise to formulate a plan, we also have the manpower and equipment to efficiently execute these plans. And don't worry, we won't leave you hanging once these practices are established. We are well equipped to handle the maintenance schedule or we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

We offer a "Farm Friendly" perspective to wildlife and conservation practices. Recreation use and farming can coexist with land stewardship. Remember, we all live downstream!

Ultimately, with a professionally managed habitat, it is possible to have it all. You achieve the most spectacular hunting available in your area and the wildlife gets back some of the habitat we have taken from them. All the while, greatly increasing the value of your property.

Win! Win! Win!

Thank You for your time and consideration!

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